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Discovery is at the start of understanding.
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Listen to what your DNA is telling you.
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If I, as a professional chef can do the Microbiome Reset and still do my job every day and lose weight and get myself in shape then I think anyone can.
Gavin, Professional Chef
August 2019
I wouldn't believe that changing my diet for 3 weeks would alter my life so amazingly. I have far more energy, more alertness. Previously I felt as if I was made of earth and now I feel has if I am made of air. It’s incredible
Microbiome Reset Client
March 2020
This has had a powerful influence on my training. It allows me to train beyond the level where I previously would have stopped due to fatigue.
Steve, Powerlifter
July 2019
I think that each area of my life is knocking on to the other, and I am sort of waiting for the bubble to burst – but I just keep feeling better – and it feels so good having been in such a dark place for so long.
Circulation Booster Client
December 2019
My skin is the best it has ever been, I never thought it could look like this and so happy as it is just in time for my wedding! My hair is growing thicker and looking stronger and healthier.
Elizabeth, Circulation Booster Client
August 2019
I have seen first hand almost unbelievable results with my own clients. As a clinician I recommend these products as a matter of course.
Licensed Acupuncturist
The DNA report was very thorough and showed me that I had a pre-disposition to being lactose intolerant, which explains some health challenges I was experiencing. It was very transformational.
DNA Program Client
March 2020
I am really impressed with what this program has done and the power of the supplements, because they are a big part in helping your body to recover and get rid of all the toxins and stuff you have done to your body.
Microbiome Reset Client
August 2020
Absolutely life-changing, I have lost 27lbs. A sense of heightened wellbeing and extended periods of concentration has increased my performance.
Andrew, Transformation Program Client
Executive Business Coach

About Percent-Σdge

Percent-Σdge was founded in 2020 by Kim & Simon Bradley with a mission to combine Science, Mindfulness and Nutrition, to get people to the best versions of themselves. The key is to listen to your DNA and we can show you how to do just that.

With over 30 years experience as a senior executive in some of the world’s largest and innovative companies and well as running 2 internet start-ups, Simon is now following his passion of helping others achieve their optimal performance. Simon is Head of Technology, ensuring the best possible customer experience whilst using our systems.

With over 20 years experience as a health professional and business entrepreneur, Kim is our Head of Programs, bringing cutting-edge, scientifically validated nutrition, tools and techniques to our portfolio.

For more details about the company, it’s ethos and who we work with, click the Details button below.


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