Overall Goal

The Restore phase is 8 days and begins on day 21 through to the end, on day 28.

After making huge changes to the way you eat and think about food and drink, we now begin to recover a healthier balance of your choices. Our main goal is to maintain a healthier lifestyle by eating wholesome fresh foods and continuing regular exercise. We aim to listen to the body’s hunger cues and avoid eating when you are not truly hungry.

Gradually you will begin to reintroduce healthy carbohydrates back into your diet, paying attention to how you feel soon after eating them. For example, do you experience a dip in energy or a bloated feeling?

In Restore we re-introduce a healthy breakfast. The challenge here will be to integrate good choices and not be reliant on quick fixes like toast, sweet cereal or pastries.

Eggs make a fantastic quick and versatile breakfast and oats, homemade muesli or homemade breakfast bars can be taken with you if needed.

Your Percent-Σdge consultant will be on hand to help you with ideas to start the day off with great intentions.

Nutritional Supplements