Overall Goal

The Rebalance phase is 5 days and begins on day 1 through to day 5.

Over time we may have accumulated some habits and crutches that have become a part of our daily life and routine. In order for transformation to begin, we need to break the mould so that something new can emerge.

Habits and crutches may look like this:

  • Regular trips to the coffee station, at home or in the office for a much-needed caffeine pick-me up
  • Snacking on easily available treats like biscuits, pastries, salted nuts, chocolate
  • Wind down time with one or several much-needed glasses of wine or alcohol that you prefer
  • Not eating regular meals and buying service station or express pre-prepared foods
  • Having carbohydrates with most meals, like toast/cereal/oats for breakfast – sandwich/pasta for lunch – potatoes/grains/pasta with your evening meal


We become so acclimatised to this way of living that we think it is normal. Therefore, the program begins with 5 days of rebalancing our body. Whilst this program does not come with a specific food plan, we do recommend that you look at our “friendly foods” list, which are all designed to help your body get into the best shape it can.

You can find out more about these foods here.

New habits such as taking regular exercise and writing reflections about your journey will be encouraged. We will give you the chance to reflect on what you truly want to change about yourself in order to emerge at the end of 30 days with a percent edge improvement in all areas of your life.

To Rebalance is to start afresh. To wipe the slate clean. To be open for a new you to emerge.

Nutritional Supplements

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