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We teach you to listen to your DNA

This article is taken from the eBook ‘The Percent-Σdge Journey’ and is part 6 in a series of 6.

The science of Nutrigenetics

This area of medicine —called nutrigenetics— seeks to determine how adjusting our diet according to genetic data influences our health. As a result of this knowledge, you can identify a particular weakness. Once identified you can adjust your nutritional plan to exclude dietary ingredients that are unhealthy for you. By analysing your genetic variations, you will have a wealth of information about your innate strengths and weaknesses. A simple DNA test, done at home, can provide you with a lifetime's value for your health.

Helping you choose

When deciding whether a certain food or food ingredient is healthy for you, we look at the bigger picture. As an example, one nutrient may be beneficial for one health factor but harmful for another, and therefore the risks must be considered in the overall decision. The data from all relevant gene analyses are factored in, therefore we can evaluate your individual risks. This allows us to determine whether a particular nutrient is required in elevated or reduced doses for you.

Knowing what works for you

To make it easy for you to understand the results, we have developed a simple arrow system to display our complex analysis. These arrows will show you which micronutrients are good for you and which ones you should avoid.

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Living a Legendary Life

It is said that four dimensions can describe a healthy and balanced life. These are;

  • mental
  • physical
  • spiritual
  • social
By exercising these four aspects on a regular basis, you can improve your life and general outlook, resulting in a happier, calmer self.

Working on these areas requires time and proactivity and that is exactly what you will experience during one of our journeys.

Invest in yourself

We often read that one of the single most powerful investments that you can make, is the investment in improving yourself. You are the instrument of your performance, if you want to be effective, you need to recognize the importance of taking the time to exercise and sharpen your life.

Imagine living a legendary life

Imagine you’re living your best life, maximizing the potential in everything you do to give yourself the best chance of feeling good. Achieving more and experiencing maximum happiness. Exploiting your potential to the full and seizing opportunities whenever they present themselves. How good would that make you feel?

Your dreams are vital

Imagine pursuing your dreams freely, without allowing yourself to be held back from achieving everything you could. Living a legendary life also means that you have balance, taking care of your mind, body and spirit and therefore allowing you to live the best life you can.

Wheel 3 No Nudges

We teach you to listen to your DNA

This article is taken from the eBook ‘The Percent-Σdge Journey’ and is part 6 in a series of 6.