The Today Page - Everything you need to know, all in one place

The “Today” page is your Go-To location when you are on one of our amazing programs. It tells you verything you need to know and do on whichever day of the Program you are on, but that's not all – it also has a host of extras for you to explore.

Daily Instructions

Nutrition Plan

Tip Of The Day

Phase Information

Exercise Suggestion

Mindful Thought

Blog Spotlight


Daily instructions

Every day of the Program has full instructions on what you need to do, as well as explaining the reasons behind.

These instructions are included in your daily emails, so if you are unable to login to the portal every day, you can still follow what needs to be done from there.

If you are changing between phases, the daily instructions highlights it, so you will always know exactly what to do and when

Finally, each day's instructions also contains any helpful tips to get the best out of the Program, as well as any milestones that are reached.

Nutrition plan

Every day there is a list of exactly what nutrition to take, when to have it and how best to take it.

As well as the list of nutrition, there is a chart each day which shows you how the nutrition is spaced throughout the day.

Underneath the chart is an image of each of the nutritional supplements you will be taking. By clicking on the image, you will find a dedicated page on that particular supplement, which gives information on their ingredients and benefits. You can also download eBooks and watch videos on each.

Your daily email also contains the list of what to take and when.

Tip of the day

To challenge and grow your thinking, we have included a range of thought provoking questions and activities each day.

Whether it is learning a new meditation technique, tips for including mindfulness practices into your life or thinking about a particular challenge you may be experiencing – these tips are designed to make you think.

Underneath each of the daily tips is an affirmation image.

Phase information

Each of the programs is divided in seperate phases, each designed to work together to deliver a Percent-Σdge improvement.

The Phase instructions section gives you an overview of the phase that you are currently on.

Within this section there is a link that takes you to a detailed overview of the phase including how long it lasts, which days it covers and what nutrition is required.

Exercise suggestion

In order to get the best out of our programs, we recommend that you exercise every day.

To help you, we have created daily exercise suggestions – from things you can do without getting up from your desk, to outside activities.

All of the exercises have been chosen as ones that can be done from beginner level onwards, and some with extra activities that can be done for more experienced people.

Underneath each exercise suggestion will be a positive statement about the benefits of exercise.

Mindful thought

Mindfulness plays a key role in our programs.

To help you keep focussed on your goals, and to take some time to think about how you can make positive changes that will benefit you during and after the program, these mindfulness thoughts will challenge you to think and reflect on a topic

We encourage you to use the Reflections area here as well, to make a note of how you feel about these questions

At the end of your journey, we can put these thoughts together in a PDF for you to keep, to remind you of how far you have come.

Blog spotlight

Every day, the Today page will showcase different Team Blog posts.

There will be a post about an aspect of the program, another that talks about nutrition and the last of the three daily posts will focus on mindset.


It is important that we can measure the benefits that you will experience during a program.

To help with this, we use doctor designed questionnaires to map how you are feeling and to mark a score against each of your core body systems. These are done at various stages through the program and the results of each will be available in the reports section

If you are doing a program that contains the DNA testing, then your 200 page report will be loaded into this section.

Any images that you upload will also appear here, to remind and motivate you to continue to reach your goals