Get Your Mind & Body Right

This article is taken from the eBook ‘The Percent-Σdge Modules’ and is part 6 in a series of 9.

Life can be chaotic

We know how chaotic life can be especially when you are juggling everything that is going on in your life. It can make you feel that you don’t have time to do almost anything else — especially making time to stay fit and healthy.

Being busy though is the reason TO take care of your body and your health. Skipping exercise will cause more damage than it will do good over time. Not exercising regularly will weaken your joints & bones. It will make it hard for you to move, especially as you get older.

The Workout Zone

To help you we have created our Workout Zone.

The Workout Zone is a place where you can get advice on everything from simple stretching techniques, through basic weight & body training and onto many advanced techniques. We have images that explain exactly how to do each of the movements, as well as videos showing you entire planned sets of routines and courses for you to follow.

The great thing is that they are all designed to be used for Functional Fitness.

What is Functional Fitness?

You may not have heard of the term functional fitness before reading this, but the truth is that functional fitness is all around you. Functional fitness refers to a type of fitness where you keep your body moving in simulated routines that resemble everyday tasks.

Now, most people imagine working out as this fantastical imagery where you have a solid core and large protruding biceps that bulge every time you lift weights. This image is one that’s better to burn. Not everyone can live this fantasy and in most cases, it’s unrealistic and impractical. It’s more difficult to maintain a bulky, muscular physique than a normal one, and not many people are aiming to become a PRO bodybuilder.

An easier and more reasonable way to maintain a fit figure is by sticking to simpler goals.

Natural Movements

What most people want is to be able to perform with the most practicality on a daily basis. To ensure this, drop the weights and stick to more natural movements.

This is where you’ll resort to functional fitness. With functional fitness, you’ll be doing squats, lunges, stretches, and pumps that are closer to home. All of these movements will resemble the actions you do in everyday life.

Functional Fitness can be performed anywhere at any level of difficulty. For instance, you can even use your own body weight to perform the exercises without using any gym equipment. As long as you’re moving in a way that can benefit your body, you’re doing some kind of functional fitness. It’s better than lifting the heaviest weights and then snapping when you’re trying to load groceries into your car.

The Importance of Journalling

Many of us have memories of using a diary when growing up. They could be sticker-covered notebooks filled with your childhood day-to-day ideas and thoughts bouncing around your head, or they could be the secret diary that became home to your innermost thoughts and feelings. Either way, many of us still either love or hate the concept of writing things down that cover how we feel or think, on a regular basis.

The fact is though, that many studies have shown that journaling is beneficial for our health – it does us good to not only write, but reflect as well, on our thoughts and feelings.

Less Stress, Better Sleep

Writing down words has a much more positive and lasting effect on us than merely thinking or saying the same words. People who regularly journal are happier, suffer less stress and sleep better. It doesn’t even matter if you believe it does you good as you do it, the act of doing it is enough to make a positive difference.

In our programs we provide you with the tools you need to journal your journey, with daily tips, affirmations and if you want, you can download and print off our dedicated journals so that you can experience the pleasure of using a pen and paper again.

A Range of Educational Tools

It is important to feel both physically fit and active and mentally fit and active in equal measure and so we felt it was very important to provide a good selection of educational material for you to dip into.

In the Workout Zone, there are exercise images and videos to teach you how to do certain exercises safely and effectively.

We provide daily exercise hacks and suggestions to motivate you or tips to enhance the fitness routines you already have in place.

We have a library of books and courses on topics such as functional fitness, yoga and running for example.

We have several 6-8 week courses to learn new exercise routines, including calendar and tracking sheets that can be completed on a weekly basis.


To elevate your mindset, you can dip into eBooks about abundance, gratitude and support books on anxiety and confidence. Or you may want to brush up on business skills with eBooks about Kaizen Secrets or Early Morning Habits to Win the Day.

At the end of a busy day, why not chill out with one of our many meditations for relaxation or for reprogramming the mind.

All of our programs give you free access to this amazing content for a year so you can relax, dip in, and explore our Online Fitness & Mindfulness Education & Resources.

Find out how we can help you on the journey to become the best version of yourself by downloading our eBook - The Percent-Σdge Modules


Get Your Mind & Body Right

This article is taken from the eBook ‘The Percent-Σdge Modules’ and is part 6 in a series of 9.