Improvement Analysis

This article is taken from the eBook ‘The Percent-Σdge Modules’ and is part 7 in a series of 9.

The Journey of Self-Improvement

When embarking on any journey of self-improvement, it is really important to be able to measure your successes, to understand and appreciate exactly how far you have come. This self-realisation is not about patting yourself on the back, it is about understanding that good habits lead to good changes and that fuels your continued desire to improve even more.

Physiological improvements can be measured in several ways such as weight loss, improved sleeping patterns and reduction in medications, or perhaps you will see an improvement in your physical performance. These are all important things to notice and celebrate.

Medical Questionnaire

One of the key components we use is to re-do your baseline analysis, which was done at the start of the program. This medically designed questionnaire gave you an accurate graph of how your code body systems were when you began. We now re-do this questionnaire, so that you can measure the improvements in your digestion, cardiovascular function, and 9 other key areas of your body.

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man, true nobility is being superior to your former self.

Ernest Hemmingway

Our role is to help you become superior to the version of yourself that you were when you start the program.

We give you daily advice on how to get the best out of the program, as well as an exercise tip, a thought provoking question in the mindfulness area and much more. You can have them via email, online in our portal or both – it is up to you.

Creating Good Habits

The likelihood of getting new habits to stick dramatically increases when you set a time to report back to someone on your progress. That is why all of our programs are delivered by trained mentors, who will work with you to keep you accountable.

Thomas Monson said: “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.”

We believe you are not alone on your journey to better health.

Your Dedicated Mentor

Your mentor will organise sessions at the beginning of your journey, as well as at the end.

During the journey, they are always available to answer questions, give advice and explain anything you are unsure of. In addition, we at Team Σdge HQ are also here to help at any time.

There is an old saying that Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going, and we want you to keep going, and keep improving, even after your program has finished.

Our Vision

Our vision is for you to be the best version of yourself. No matter where you find yourself, there is always an opportunity to become even better, so we take time at the end of your journey to look at the areas that you can work on to bring even more improvements.

We are here for much longer than just the length of one of our programs, and we want you to keep learning, growing and improving. That is why we give you 1 years of access to the digital portal, even if you are doing a 14-Day program. Our mentors are passionate about helping you and we want you to have access to the best tools and advice to make that improvement month after month after month.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single footstep, let us help you take that first step.

Celebrate The Wins

One of the most rewarding aspects of helping people to improve their health, their mindset and beginning their journey to the best versions of themselves is celebrating the successes along the way.

Have you ever heard someone say that life is a journey? Well, it is! We want you to not just focus on the destination, but also on the many positive changes that you will make during your journey.

By celebrating each positive change that you make, you will build up more and more confidence, as well as increasing your desire to continue succeeding.

Make Success a Habit

Success is a habit that can be learned, and once learned, it can be applied to all aspects of your life. We want you to get into the habit of celebrating your wins along the way, giving you the desire and the motivation to get to your destination faster.

Celebrating little wins is critical to monitoring and tracking incremental accomplishments and achievements as it allows you to notice and pay attention to the present moment.


Your journey of achievement is sometimes more important than the end goal.

Have you heard of Dopamine?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, an important brain chemical that influences your mood and feelings of reward and motivation. It activates the reward centre of our brains, allowing us to feel a sense of pride and achievement.

Dopamine is released and produces feel-good emotions and contributes to feelings of pleasure and satisfaction as part of the reward system when you celebrate your wins.

In addition to boosting mood, motivation and attention it also helps to regulate learning and emotional responses. Dopamine helps you to experience the feeling of getting rewarded and can result in you wanting to achieve even more.

Find out how we can help you on the journey to become the best version of yourself by downloading our eBook - The Percent-Σdge Modules


Improvement Analysis

This article is taken from the eBook ‘The Percent-Σdge Modules’ and is part 7 in a series of 9.