Health & Nutrition DNA Analysis

This article is taken from the eBook ‘The Percent-Σdge Modules’ and is part 2 in a series of 9.

What runs in your family?

We all come with inherent genetic strengths and weaknesses, but just because we may have a genetic weakness of cardiovascular disease or osteoporosis for example, it does not mean that we will suffer from problems associated with it.

Scientists say that your genes load the gun, but it is your lifestyle that pulls the trigger.

You may be wondering if you will feel worried about knowing this information.

Knowledge gives you control

We believe that knowledge is power and knowing what areas of ourselves have genetic weaknesses means that we can think about caring for that part of ourselves a little more.

Look at it this way – that is the area that needs a bit more of your love.

The Best Nutrition for YOU

You will discover exactly what nutrients to have more or less of in your diet in order to look after those areas of your body. What fuel your body needs precisely, for example, higher levels of Fibre, Omega 3 and certain B Vitamins for heart health. Or perhaps more Copper, Manganese and Zinc to protect you from diabetes.

Each nutrient is clearly indicated for you and is factored into the food choices you can make so that you can feel confident that your genetic weaknesses can become your genetic strengths.

Certainty in an uncertain world

When you decide to embark on a healthy lifestyle, do you feel bamboozled as to what is the best advice? Should I eat high fat? High protein? More fibre? Calorie Restriction? I bet you could add more to the list of options!

What if there was a way to know what food suits you as a unique human being! Well, guess what, there is! The way to do it is to eat what is right for your DNA.

Not all foods are created equal

You may discover that simple carbohydrates such as bread and rice do not suit you or that you should avoid fatty cuts of meat. You may discover that your body loves fish and coffee!

Two areas that can have a huge impact on your health, especially your gut health, is knowing if you can digest lactose or gluten. Eliminating these, if your DNA suggests it, can give you a huge uplift in energy and wellbeing.

There are so many treasures to discover, from which fruit is best for you, which nuts, which vegetables – you will be delving into your 200 page report again and again. You will also get the information in a separate digital list, so you can use it on your phone for easy reference.

No more Googling about the latest fad diet. You will know exactly what to do and it will feel so right and so natural because you are listening to your DNA.

The Importance of Detoxification

An important aspect of our DNA test is the toxicity sensor that determines how your body is able to detoxify different harmful substances.

A number of detoxification genes are responsible for the production of important detoxification enzymes. These enzymes bind to pollutants in the body and render them harmless.

If these genes are defective, they cannot properly function, and the exposure to these pollutants can endanger health. Therefore, it is very important for people carrying a genetic defect to be aware of the increased risk and to minimise the contact with contaminants in order to remain healthy.


Genetic testing enables you to discover if you are effective or ineffective at removing atmospheric pollutants produced by fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil.

These pollutants enter the body via a myriad of paths: in food and drinking water, through the lungs when fumes or smoke are inhaled, and even directly through the skin.

Once in our bodies, they can cause many different types of diseases.

Further to that, detoxification genes produce enzymes that bind and neutralise toxic substances often found in industrial solvents, herbicides, fungicides or insect repellent sprays, and also neutralise toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium.

As long as they function efficiently, these genes ensure that these substances are effectively filtered out of the body. However, these genes can carry traits that prevent the body from adequately detoxifying these substances. These traits significantly increase the risk of many different types of cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The knowledge you receive can help you make decisions about your lifestyle such as avoiding tobacco smoke, grilled and charred foods, exhaust fumes, avoiding cadmium rich foods and choosing organic produce.


As well as lifestyle choices, you can learn what nutrients you need to support your body to eliminate the toxins such as selenium for example. Selenium intake may increase the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase (GPX). Foods with naturally high selenium will be selected for you as well as supplements that can support your genetic pathways to help your body filter out the toxins and reduce the risks of disease.

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Health & Nutrition DNA Analysis

This article is taken from the eBook ‘The Percent-Σdge Modules’ and is part 2 in a series of 9.