Many people are functioning below their true capability – why is that?

When there are so many adverts, campaigns and information designed to make us more healthy, why do so many of us fail to hit our potential?

At Percent-Σdge we will work with you to ensure that your core bodily systems are functioning to the best of their ability – probably better than you will have ever experienced before.


Stress & Burnout

Whilst life as a top performer can be very rewarding, the constant push to always be at the top of your game can bring with it a great deal of stress. Our bodies can deal with a certain amount of stress, and utilises a hormone called GABA (Gamma-amino-butyric Acid) to cope with the increased firing of anxiety nerve-signals. If your Gut Microbiome is out of balance, then this GABA production can be significantly compromised. Find out more by watching this video.


Video is 9:07 in duration, with subtitles.

Poor Nutrition

Poor nutrition affects almost every area of our lives – especially when we are under stress, or on the go every day. Watch this video to understand how and why poor nutrition can affect us.

Video is 6:18 in duration, with subtitles.

Constant Travel

Life as a top performer often brings with it a great deal of travel. At times, this can be very rewarding, but most of the time it is not. The days of romantized travel by air and rail are long gone, with hectic schedules, cramped conditions and the need to stay in constant contact.

Travel increases our exposure to bugs and diseases that can affect our immune system. Watch this video to get more information on how our system can become compromised.

Video is 6:55 in duration, with subtitles.

Genetic Dispositions

We are all born with the genes we have – no matter what we do to ourselves, our genes do not alter from the time we are born through to our last breath. It is true to say though that whilst your genes load the gun – it is your lifestyle that pulls the trigger. Watch this video to see how genetic dispositions can be triggered by how we live our lives, and the choices we make.

Video is 2:14 in duration, with subtitles.