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It is time to Discover Understand Listen to Act on what your DNA is telling you

Discover Nutrigenetics

Unlock your genetic secrets with our MyGeneticBody™ program

This is value that will last a lifetime – your DNA is written in permanent ink and your beautifully presented and printed, 200 page report will be your life-long guide to your unique genetic dictionary.

Find out genetic pre-disposition risks to heart health, brain, eyes, bones, joints and more

Discover what your DNA really thinks of over 950 foods, as well as intolerances to gluten and lactose

Learn how your body handles environmental pollutants and which antioxidants are best for you to take

The science of Nutrigenetics

What can your DNA report tell you?

unlock the secrets inside you

get your 200 page report and find out
-- your pre-disposition to key health issues --
-- food intolerances --
-- which foods work best for you --
-- your sporting profile --
...and much more

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What is involved in taking a DNA test?

A simple 3-step process

1. Register your details 2. Home swab test 3. Receive your report


1. Register

We provide you with the details you need to register your details securely with the certified medical laboratory


2. Swab test

You take a simple mouth swab test, at home, then post it to the laboratory for analysis by the medical experts


3. Report

We sit with you go through the report together, explaining the results, helping you make healthy choices based on your DNA

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