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This is value that will last a lifetime – your DNA is written in permanent ink and your beautifully presented and printed, 200 page report will be your life-long guide to your unique genetic dictionary.

Find out genetic pre-disposition risks to heart health, brain, eyes, bones, joints and more

Discover what your DNA really thinks of over 950 foods, as well as intolerances to gluten and lactose

Learn how your body handles environmental pollutants and which antioxidants are best for you to take

The science of Nutrigenetics

What can your DNA report tell you?

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get your 200 page report and find out
-- your pre-disposition to key health issues --
-- food intolerances --
-- which foods work best for you --
-- your sporting profile --
...and much more

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What is involved in taking a DNA test?

A simple 3-step process

1. Register your details 2. Home swab test 3. Receive your report


1. Register

We provide you with the details you need to register your details securely with the certified medical laboratory


2. Swab test

You take a simple mouth swab test, at home, then post it to the laboratory for analysis by the medical experts


3. Report

We sit with you go through the report together, explaining the results, helping you make healthy choices based on your DNA

Option 1
The 28-day Purify Detox

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Option 2
The 30-day Performance & Energy

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What makes our 28-day Purify Detox Program so special?

The results you get


A balanced gut

More than 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates said “all disease begins in the gut”. We know now he was on the right path.
Evidence shows that many chronic metabolic diseases begin in the gut, as does essential hormone production.


A cellular detox

Vital to your overall improvemen, we cleanse your body of Persistant Organic Pollutants (POPs) and other heavy metals.
Using the power of Purify, we extract toxins from your system, enabling new pathways to be built using a clean foundation.


Better circulation

Based on the 1998 Nobel Prize for medicine, we provide a pure, potent balance of vitamins and amino acids into your system.
This boosts Nitric Oxide production in your body, cleansing your arterial flow and improving respiration.

real people. real stories. real results.
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What makes our 30-day Performance and Energy Program so special?

The results you get


Improved performance

Many of the people who complete the program notice an upgrade in their performance levels, with new personal best times and distances.

Bone 2

Muscle and joint support

We integrate clean energy into our program, which also helps strengthen muscles and lubricate your joints.


Better circulation

Based on a Nobel Prize winning discovery, we increase the circulation in your body, propelling you to new levels.

What makes both programs so special?

1 years access online included



Our library is packed with books and video that you can dip into. whether it is learning how to make kombucha, or finding out the best foods to naturally boost your immune system, we can help. ​


Health & fitness

If you want to know more about what you can do to manage your fitness levels better, we have the information that is right for you. from simple stretching videos to full on workout routines.



Interested in finding out more about "The Attitude of Gratitude" or "Wired for Greatness"? perhaps you would like to try one of our guided meditations, or yoga videos? whatever your passion, we can help.

What makes both programs so special?

The companies behind it




Synergy Worldwide




Kim Bradley

I have had a long career in health, wellbeing and mindfulness. I am a public speaker and run a global team of health entrepreneurs called the Synergy Heart 2 Heart Team. I train and develop online systems to educate the public on important matters, like my passion for gut health.

I am a passionate advocate of Spiritual Leadership. I have worked in the field for 10 years and have a large and growing team. I had a calling this year, January 2021, to create a facebook group for Spiritual and Awakened souls to connect, support and learn so that, together, we can rise up and make a huge difference to the world.

The group explores esoteric and energetic realities, it will push boundaries and it will raise our vibration so that we can help people achieve a better life. If this resonates with you, you can find us here and you will be most welcome:

The Spirit of Leadership –

Simon Bradley

I co-founded Percent-Σdge in 2020, during a period where the health and performance of many people across the world was being compromised.

Understanding your need to be at your best level to bring the world back onto an even keel, we created the Percent-Σdge Programs, combining Scientific Discovery and Nutrition to deliver a tailored approach to every person that needs it.

With over 30 years experience as a senior Executive in some of the world’s largest and innovative companies as well as running 2 internet start-ups, I now follow my passion of helping others achieve their optimal performance.

Let me help you become the best version of yourself.

Synergy Worldwide



Synergy worldwide was very proud to be named in the top 100 most trustworthy companies list, compiled and published by the prestigious forbes magazine.


Driven by science

34 doctors, researchers and scientists work at the Hughes Centre for Research & Innovation, based inside Synergy Worldwide's corporate headquarters.



the manufacturing plant is certified ISO9001 as well as USDA Organic. Synergy Worldwide is obsessive about quality and testing, with over 600 individual tests performed on every batch of products shipped.

The Hughes Centre

Synergy Worldwide is rightly proud of its commitment to scientific excellence - highlighted by the work done at the Hughes Centre for Research & Innovation, located inside Synergy's headquarters. how many companies can boast their own R&D lab?



European Leaders

The Novogenia laboratory is one of the most modern and automated laboratories in Europe. The Novogenia Group is one of Europe’s market leaders in lifestyle and genetic diagnostics and a global pioneer in preventive genetic diagnostics.


Licenced Medical Lab

In contrast to many other providers on the market, Novogenia carry out genetic analyses exclusively in their own DNA laboratory. They are approved by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health and certified by several other independent bodies.


Quality & Security

Approved to carry out medical genetic tests, they have to meet particularly high standards of data protection. To protect your identity, samples are not given names but an encrypted QR code. After a successful analysis, the DNA on all samples is immediately destroyed.

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