Imagine if you could take the guesswork out of getting fit & healthy

As a society, we spend millions on books to tell us how to lead a healthier lifestyle and how to eat better. We buy gadgets that monitor some part of our lifestyle, to tell us what we should be doing and when. Many of us have had those gym memberships – determined to get our body into shape.

The fact is though, that for many people, fad-diets do more harm than good, gyms that are full in January are empty by March – and we all have a discarded technology drawer somewhere in our house.

The reason for this is that they do not offer us advice that is personal to our own bodies instruction manual. The science of Nutrigenetics is about telling you the things you cannot see, but these are all things that can have a direct effect on your health and they are things that we should all know about ourselves.

3-Step Process

When you begin the program, your Percent-Σdge Consultant will take you through each of the steps in the process, to ensure that your DNA is collected and sent securly to the medical testing laboratory for analysis.

At Percent-Σdge we partnered with Novogenia, one of Europe's top medical genetics laboratories, to ensure the highest levels of quality, safety and privacy controls. Your analysis will be in safe hands whilst it is being processed and once the DNA is analysed, it is destroyed using chemicals to ensure it can never be used again.

200 Page Report - Discover yourself

Example report

What your report can tell you - overview

When your swab test has been processed by the laboratory, you will be provided with a 200-page report, detailing a number of key areas of your genetics, these include;

  • Genetic pre-dispositions
  • Over 900 foods analysed against your genetic code
  • Details of which key supplements your body can metabolise
  • Muscle fibre-type and optimal sporting MACROS

This video provides a short overview of the report. For a longer, more in-depth analysis, use the video below this one.

What your report can tell you - deep dive

In this 7 minute video, Percent-Σdge founders Kim & Simon Bradley discuss each of the sections in the personalised report that you receive.







About the Laboratory


Unlike most DNA testing companies, Novogenia is certified to carry out medical genetic analyses. This means that they meet the high requirements intended for the protection of medical data, not just commercial standards. This also enables them to offer a much more detailed series of genetic analyses, 62 in fact, whilst most commercial companies only do 1 or 2.

Your DNA sample will be destroyed immediately after analysis and the data remains strictly confidential and will never be shared with anyone else.