Purify Overview

What's Included

Purify is an opportunity for you to work towards becoming the best version of yourself.

It is perfect for people with busy lives that want to start their health journey.

The main components are listed below.

What you get

The program is divided into 5 phases, each designed to work together to create a sum, or Σ in Greek, which is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

At the beginning there is a research phase, to fully understand how it works and what to expect.

There are 3 main “Action” phases which take 21 days to complete.

At the end of the program there is a reflection phase, to review how far you have come during the journey, as well as a continuation of the daily emails for 9 days to help you make longer term health changes.

Each of the phases are detailed below.


Prior to starting

Once you have subscribed to the Percent-Σdge program, you work with your mentor to select the best date to begin Purify. Before you start you will have access to our online resources, which will explain how and why the program works and gives you an introduction to the features available to you on the website.

During this phase you will also complete your 1st Lifestyle Analysis questionnaire, which will give you a snapshot of your overall health prior to the start of the program.


Day 1 – 5

The Reset phase represents the starting point of your journey. You will begin to eliminate certain food groups and start to prepare your body for transformation with some very high quality magnesium supplementation.


Day 6 – 12

This phase delivers an intensive cellular detox, as well as starting you microbiome rebalance. Whilst there is a very specific food intake guide, which is fully detailed for you, you can still prepare, cook or enjoy meals that utilise these food groups – this is not a diet program.

You will also be taking high quality protein shakes during this phase, as well as other supplements to help remove the toxins from your body. Probiotics will also begin re-populating your gut microbiome with the right kinds of bacteria.


Day 13 – 21

Rebalancing sees you move from detoxing your body, into structural re-alignment of your gut microbiome. You will be taking supplements to increase your circulation, as well as continuing on the Pre- and Pro-biotics.

You will feel an increase in cognitive clarity and also begin to feel more energy being produced by your core systems.


Day 21+

During this phase, we will go through a second lifestyle questionnaire to map how far you have come on your health journey.

Congratulations – you will have completed the Percent-Σdge Purify program and truly improved your health and cognitive capacity.