Helping people to a life filled with better health and the energy to see more, do more and be more.

My background is a mixture of travel as cabin crew for 26 years and a very personal interest in health and wellness. I was always trying to find a way to stay as healthy as possible in an industry, that whilst great fun, did nothing to encourage good health.

My interest in health and wellness came about when my mum died at the age of 55 from a massive, coronary heart attack. I was 25. My dad had had a heart attack at 49, 9 years previously.

It wasn't going to happen to me!

I now help others to become the best versions of themselves, with qualifications and experience in Personal Training and Lymphatic Massage. Having hung up my wings three years ago, Lymphatic Massage and Percent-Edge Mentoring is what I now do.

Can mentor in English or German.