The Percent-Edge Journey

The Percent-Σdge Journey

Follow the journey to the best version of yourself

Many people are functioning below their true capability – why is that?

Feelings of tiredness, fatigue and burnout are commonplace. This is because we are working longer hours and have more stress.

What if you knew there was a science-based method that would help you choose the right diet and additional nutrients for optimal results?

There is a simple genetic test that increases your knowledge of your body’s needs. Listen to your DNA to get to the best version of yourself.

To do that we use a 3-step approach

The first step is “Discover”, where we take the guesswork out of getting healthy.

Step two is all about “Reset”, we begin your body’s reset and we release the old habits, to embark on a new journey.

Finally in step three, you get your “Percent-Σdge”, and that's when you listen to what your DNA is telling you and we help you create a new lifestyle.

Scroll down to explore more about our unqiue 3-step approach.

Step 1 - Discover

3 simple steps to understand the starting point of your journey and to take the guesswork out of getting fit & healthy

Step 2 - Reset

Getting your body into the right condition to take the most benefit from listening to your DNA, stripping away the old and creating a clean foundation for the new

Step 3 - Percent-Σdge

Implement the changes your DNA is telling you to make and celebrate the new you

Congratulations on getting the Σdge

Becoming the best version of yourself